Friday, January 20, 2012

saint danes #Houston

Want to help make you and anyone who doesn't know what a treasure that is, great staff like @allireynolds n @lydiafmf who keep the drinks coming. A great manager like @willbiglobes and a owner @joeapple.
The food is very good,nice portions, with a huge variety,that has been recently expanded even more with some great tex-mex food added: fajita burritos and enchiladas. There are great staples such as chips and queso, buffalo wings and burger's.
There is usually 8-10 draft beers and 25 or so bottled beers along with liquors a plenty to enjoy alongside the food.
So when you have great food,plenty of drink choices and a stunningly beautiful and friendly wait staff,you have a truly great recipe for a fun time for you and your friends, so check them out, at the corner of Elgin and Bagby.

Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year

Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year! I enjoy this time of the year, if for no other reason than it becomes a time of reflection of what God has accomplished in my life during the past year. For example, He brought me into leadership in my Life Bible Study aka "Sunday School" in 2 areas, Outreach: reaching out to people visiting our class for the first time,those joining our class and people's birthdays. Then there is Koinonia, helping lead and facilitate the study of God's Word and helping the discussion continue smoothly.
This New Year, am working toward goals not resolutions. Resolutions have a way of being discarded or forgotten, but goals have a way of being continuing to be accomplished throughout the year.
I pray that all my friends and family to have a time of reflection of God's work in their lives and thank Him for His abundant goodness, both the seen and unseen.

Tuesday, November 22, 2011


Ah, the blissful time of the holidays with the rush and fuss that we seem to all go through. I like Thanksgiving, it is a good stoppage point in the year and take some time to reflect on God's blessings on me and my family,friends...during the year.
I am thankful for the friends and family that God has blessed me with, they help me,remind me of Who He is in my life on a daily basis. I think God brings and takes people in and out of our lives for a very specific reason or reasons.
I am also am thankful for the opportunities that God presents for me on a daily basis, to share him with people that either have forgotten Him or don't know Him at all. People may forget/ignore God but that doesn't mean God has forgotten them.
Thankful that I go to a great church, to serve at, help at, learn from people around me, to see what God is doing in people's lives. I have learned so much, helping lead our midweek Bible study about God, what people's ideas of what God is saying others, both to them and to me.
I am learning both from my own feelings and attitudes, of how I can choose to be thankful for the life God has given me or allow those same feelings and attitudes to rule me and possibly lead me into bitterness, as I see on a daily basis in the lives of people around me.
Thankfulness hopefully lasts longer than one day, to be lived out daily, as a gift to the Lord and a example before the world around us, who probably doesn't have the same view on life as I do.

Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Waiting,some thoughts

Have been observing people and how they react to waiting. Some get angry, some are merely impatient, some have the patience to just wait.
Waiting is part of life, expect it, know you will be called to wait. Seems like alot of life is about waiting. As I am learning, what am I willing to wait for is the question. What do I consider important enough to wait on.
That raises a whole new set of questions, what do I consider important? Who do I consider important enough to wait on?
Then you add the whole "God-thing" into the equation and what He calls us to wait for and on... "I waited patiently on the Lord and He heard my cry"
Some fun ideas to think about and consider...

Wednesday, September 21, 2011

The Secret Circle

Hot new show, starring follows another great show: The Vampire Diary. This deals with a gorgeous girl next door: Cassie Blake, and her dealing with her mom's death and the fact which she struggles with of her and her friends being a witch.
The big picture seems to be what to do with power that could be impossible to control and whether this power is good or evil or can it be defined by such terms. And who wants to control and possibly destroy the "Secret Circle" from within and from without.
There's forces of good, ie. Diana, and a few others, some that could be evil or willing to be used by evil, such as Faye and her henchwomen.
And Charles and Faye's mom who are sinister and want to use the Circle to their ends.
We face similar struggles,minus the magic aspect, in who we are and who we serve or are used by. This struggle should be very interesting to see play out on the small screen. Take the time and watch the series' premiere and stay tune week to week!

Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Heart "sings"

"My heart will sing no other name, Jesus Jesus" hearing that again the other day at church got me thinking. It has been on my mind a bit lately. I think I get in trouble with my heart "singing" to something else other than God. It has been alcohol, popularity and a variety of other objects I have given myself to.
I think part of this has been reading through Hebrews for quiet time and possible use for Koinonia during fall. It is the supremacy of Christ that the writer of Hebrews extolls and challenges us the reader to truly believe. I think that what we give our "song" to defines who we believe is supreme in our life,much more clearly than our words ever could.
I am learning more and more that actions truly do speak louder than any word ever could. Mainly because I can say what other people need to hear or I think what they want to hear. But actions put a whole new meaning to those words.
Just a thought I have been thinking through and will continue to explore.

Friday, August 5, 2011

Afshin Ziafat's message

Acts 17:1-6, Eph 4:22-25, I Thess. 1:3-10.
God uses those people that are ready, willing and able to "outlive your life."
Here's how you outlive your life: 1) Have an understanding of the Gospel. People with a true understanding of the Gospel will share the "Good News." They won't need prodding or be forced to share. Having a understanding of our "enemy" before coming to Christ (Romans 5:8-10) helps us to rise up to the challenge of sharing with others, in that we understand what obstacles might be in the way of a person's belief in Who Christ is.
2) Requires receiving the Word of God, continually (Galatians 1:12.) Seeking the Word of God and relying on the words there, instead of first seeking out the advice of others. We have all we need in terms of guidance and wisdom from the Word of God, but too often we won't do the work to learn what God Word says. It's actively seeking what the Word says and often won't make sense to those around us.
3) Outliving your life requires sacrifice. Being ready to lay down our dreams and hopes for our lives, to accomplish God's will in our life (I John 2:17.) We need to be prepared to lay down our life if necessary.
4) Outliving your life requires perserverance (Philippians 1:12-13, 1:29-30) God uses our hanging on to His plan and call on our life. With a eternal perspective, then suffering=opportunity, an opportunity to advance the Gospel. God will be the One who makes best use of our perserverance to share Who He is in our life, through whatever means it takes.
5) Outliving our life requires us to be "other focussed" (I Thess. 1:11-12.) God gives us a perspective to see success as when His Word is heard, not as the world sees success. God's love will shine through us as we become concerned for other's welfare both in the present and the future.
As we try to outlive our life, God's Word is naturally advanced and goes onto impact others all around the world. It is a costly lifestyle but the eternal rewards are unimaginable.